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Greetings from The Crow Academy!

Welcome to a long awaited Crow Secrets Edition.

We have a lot of great announcements so lets jump right in…..
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The Crow Academy YouTube Channel

What started a few years ago to share a bit of what we have to teach with our initial “Domination & Submission for Beginners” series has since blossomed into a genuine, 100% FREE teaching platform for The Crow Academy. The channel, found under “Master Arcane” now features almost two dozen videos covering a variety of BDSM and D/s Topics. Subjects include:

  • Advice for Beginners new to D/s
  • A complete Social Commentary on how BDSM can actually help teach values to the Mundane world
  • Q&A from some of our appearances
  • Our unique “5 Minute BDSM” series (for eager students who are short on time – LOL)
  • Our newest inclusion, “Three Domigos” where we have the honor of sharing and interviewing the BDSM and D/s Styles of other Dominants whom we hold in the highest regard.

The Crow Academy YouTube Channel will of course always be free. You must be 18 years or older and logged into YouTube to watch any of our videos. We also try to answer every single comment and question under any video…. and we LOVE subscribers. To be honest we are thrilled at how many people love our channel, and it is all part of our continuing mission to keep teaching Romantic BDSM to any one who wants to learn.

A bit more about the different playlists you will find on the “Master Arcane” YouTube channel….

Domination and Submission Basics” – filmed at the Limitless Man conference in Las Vegas, we teach some initial concepts about Dominant & Submissive Relationships that help make for a great foundation upon which to get started.

5 Minute BDSM” – enormously more successful than we’d expected, we started off hoping to take 5 minutes (er, that’s an Arcane 5 minutes = somewhere between 5 and 9 minutes or so) to specifically and emphatically address individual Key Concepts in as concise a way as possible while still touching on the most important elements. Slave Daphne also contributes with her own videos in the “5 Minute BDSM” series with videos by a Lifestyle Submissive for Lifestyle Submissives.

The Three Domigos” – our newest playlist that is something of a personal dream-come-true where we have the honor of talking with and interviewing other Dominants from unique styles of BDSM and D/s. Especially important in this series is that viewers get to learn about well-crafted Styles of BDSM and D/s that are quite different from The Crow Academy to get a better idea of just how vast the BDSM Universe really is and the many, many ways to play.

Zizek Studies Conference” – a unique playlist showcasing a series of talks and workshops that we held at a Philosophy Conference in Georgia. Primary among the videos in this playlist is the keynote speech by Master Arcane, “BDSM as a Role Model for Social Maturity” where we teach about how much BDSM uses superb communication techniques…. techniques that many non-kinky people need to learn!

Fearless Man Interview” – a short playlist showcasing a multi-hour interview with Master Arcane held remotely between the USA and Australia.

If you enjoy The Crow Academy YouTube Channel
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We are put up new videos often!

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission
– Hardback Edition Success!

We are unbelievably excited at how enormously well-received the Special Collector’s Edition Faux-Leather Bound, Full Color Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE has been. Without a shred of advertising, the books are not only flying off the shelves of the warehouse, and we are also honored to report consistent 5-Star reviews on Amazon. 🙂

The truth is that IGNITING THE FIRE was honestly always meant to be seen and enjoyed as the Hardback, with gorgeous background art on every single page, all the photos on beautiful photo-quality pages, and an imitation leather cover that feels luxurious in your hands. Apparently we succeeded in this vision as judging by the reception of the book.

The Ebook version is still wonderfully complete with every lesson, and with full digital indexing of every chapter as well as 100% of the more-than-200-photos.  Of course the Ebook does not have the background art because that would have made the file size enormous. We created the Ebook version AFTER the Hardback was fully designed upon the advice from our book designer, and we are enormously happy that we did so to accommodate the many readers who prefer Ebooks.

But truly and honestly in our hearts it is the Hardback Edition that conveys our message the way we truly intended.

For both the Collector’s Edition Hardback as well as the Ebook you can
Click Here to Go Directly to Our Amazon Page

New Interviews Up on

We are happy to announce that two new interviews are up on, jam-packed with information and numerous answers to the questions many of you have!

All interviews on are ready-to-view / ready-to-hear and built into the site, so all you have to do is navigate to the INTERVIEWS page on The Crow Academy website.

The first new interview is by Kuldrin of Kuldrin’s Krypt. Kuldrin goes to great lengths to present intelligent discussions on all things BDSM and D/s. This is one of Master Arcane’s best interviews yet!

The second new interview is with another well-known BDSM YouTube personality, Evie Lupine who remotely interviewed both Master Arcane and slave Daphne together in an extensive discussion of How to Create Successful Dominant Submissive Relationships.

You can access the interviews for free at any time by clicking on the INTERVIEWS button found on either the Classes & Seminars page, or inside the Free Stuff area, or by clicking here:

Take Me To The Interviews!

Members Area News & Updates

It’s almost here…. The Crow Academy Members Lounge!

Some of you have already noticed the new “Members” button right there at the top of The Crow Academy home page. You may have even clicked it to discover that – while we are still having the final stages of implementation completed – you can TOUR the new Members Lounge to take a peek at what is to come!

We are beside ourselves with excitement and all the goodies we will be able to offer you inside the Members Lounge. The biggest revelation is that during our launch phases, we will practically be Giving Away membership! With the purchase of ANY Crow Academy product – the Ebook, the Hardback, the Mastery Course, Etc – during our initial launch we will be including Free Lifetime Membership.

Yes you heard that correctly. Sure we are also offering a great deal for anyone to try the Members Lounge for only $1 for the First Month ($19.97 / month thereafter), but you do not even have to spend that $1 if you have purchased ANY Crow Academy product….. RETROACTIVELY!

“Sorry, did you just say Retroactively?”

Yes we did! We cannot express enough gratitude to all the people who have helped support The Crow Academy while we have grown over the years, and we know MANY of you have already bought the Ebook or Hardback of IGNITING THE FIRE. It is our heartfelt way of saying Thank You to you to let you know that all you have to do (When The Members Lounge Launches SOON) is send us a photocopy, scan, or screenshot of your receipt from Amazon / iBooks, etc, and we will be giving you the same Lifetime Free Membership.

Inside the Members Lounge we have all kinds of goodies including Members Only Forums, Free Documents and Downloads in the Members Library, Free Videos in the Members Library, significant discounts on almost ALL Crow Academy Products (as opposed to the Non-Member Public Store), Free Monthly Webinars with Master Arcane & Guests, and more!

If you have not yet had a peek, click on the Members button on the Top Middle of The Crow Academy Home Page, and on the Members Log-In page click on the bright yellow “Take A Peek Inside.”

Personalized Skype Conference Call Coaching
with Master Arcane

For over a year now Master Arcane and slave Daphne have had the honor and pleasure of offering personalized guidance to individuals and couples from around the world. Using the free Skype Phone App to connect across oceans and continents, Master Arcane is able to personally and carefully guide both individuals as well as couples in expanding the majesty of their own BDSM Relationship, Roles and Experiences.

As Master Arcane has told countless students, “There is no question you cannot ask me, and no problem I have not helped others address in their pursuit of attaining Balance & Bliss within a Fine D/s Relationship.

Skype Coaching starts with a short, complimentary free Skype Phone call where you and Master Arcane get to know each other and where you discuss your goals for your D/s Relationship and Roles. In between sessions Master Arcane will continue to guide you with complimentary email exchanges to ensure that everything you learn from your Skype sessions stays on-track and focused on your goals.

(* from one of our Skype Coaching clients – used with permission *)
Your Skype coaching sessions have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I truly appreciate that you take the time and care that you do. You are always on schedule, and with my busy schedule you have made connecting with your schedule seamless and accommodating. I could not have found a better coach for this journey. Thank you for the knowledge shared and the guidance provided.

You can learn more about Personalized Skype Coaching here:

Special Offer for New Zealand Residents during
The Crow Academy World Tour

While on tour we are always able to offer Skype Coaching as described above. 🙂

On the other hand Private Live Couples Coaching is – of course – only available when we are able to meet clients in-person.  Compared to each other, while Skype Coaching has proven enormously effective in helping individuals and couples sort through a large variety of psychological and personal arenas in their development as Fine Dominants and Submissives, Live Private Coaching offers a vastly more immersive encounter of Direct, Personal Coaching for the couple together.  Strictly for COUPLES ONLY (of any gender combination), Live Private Couples Coaching is the genuine “Master Class” of The Crow Academy.

Therefore we have some Good News for New Zealand residents:

From April to August of 2019, Master Arcane and slave Daphne will be offering
Personalized, Private Live D/s Couples Coaching throughout New Zealand.

During our thorough exploration of the amazing country of New Zealand, we plan to visit most corners of the two islands.  Whether you are a North Island or South Island resident, we will probably be in your area in the coming months.  Our schedule tends to fill up fast so don’t delay if you are interested.

We are also looking forward to teaching a variety of workshops and seminars to the people of New Zealand while touring your gorgeous country!

Learn more about Private Live Couples Coaching here:

Free Webinar Update

Our initial test of the new Free Webinar System went moderately well. We elected to use “” and most people had an easy enough time joining in.

There were, however, a few too many glitches as the steps needed to join the call were a bit odd. At this time we are trying to streamline the process. Once we get an easier process in place we will again be holding a Webinar open to absolutely everyone, before implementing the system into permanence inside the Members Lounge for Members Only.

Do you have any experience with Conference Call Systems or Webinars?
Got a favorite system that you personally like to use?

If so we would LOVE to hear from you!
Tell us all about what makes your favorite Webinar system / software / service great!

If we end up using your favorite Webinar system instead of FreeConferenceCall…. well we would consider that contribution enough to return the favor with Free Lifetime Membership in the Members Lounge too!

Fetish Dreams To You All!
— Master Arcane & The Crow Academy