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THREE New Arcane Advice Lessons!
Arcane Advice is getting a Face Lift
• The Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE is IN THE WAREHOUSE (not yet released to the world but almost there) – How you will be able to get your copy!
• Upcoming Crow Academy BDSM & D/s Workshop Series in Los AngelesHow To Sign Up
• The Amazing Experience of The Crow Academy Members Lounge … so close you can taste it!
• Details on the forthcoming Igniting The Fire Complete Digital Package (the very, very best offer we will ever make!)
• Have you read Igniting The Fire? Tell us what you think!
Here’s The Link to Your Free Ebook if you did not receive it when you joined our list…
Crow Academy FAQ – Help us create the best answers with the Best Questions
• Test Run of the Members-Only WebinarsOPEN TO EVERYONE!
— How it will work
— Join us for the Big Test Run open to EVERYONE
You don’t have to be a Member for the Test Run
Igniting The Fire E-Book price going up soon; The Gift we have for all of you Early Supporters!


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THREE New Arcane Advice Lessons!

⁃ Dressing Fetish On A Budget
One the coolest things about Kinky Clubs and Fetish Events is when they have a Dress Code (not all do – you find these more on the East Coast of the USA and in Europe). At these kinds of clubs, rather than watch everyone filter in and do their thing…
Continue Reading Dressing Fetish On A Budget at

⁃ Buying Your First Flogger – A Guide for Beginners
Lets call this lesson “Handy BDSM Toy Shopping Tip #2,365…. Buying A Flogger for BEGINNERS.” The advice I give below is based on decades of using and buying floggers as well as what I personally teach clients. At the end of the lesson you will find several links to help…
Continue Reading Buying Your First Flogger at

⁃ Can You Be Addicted to BDSM?
A sorrowful submissive wrote to me to tell me that she had inadvertently been “outed” about her BDSM participation, and that certain people in her daily life had accidentally heard about her appreciation and enjoyment of BDSM. Unfortunately these distinctly vanilla and misinformed people decided to take the incredibly backwards…
Continue Reading Can You Be Addicted to BDSM at

Check them all out for FREE on

Arcane Advice is Getting a Facelift

We love how much and how often The Crow Academy’s literary site,, has helped people around the world explore many of the deeper and more complex issues around Domination and Submission, and building the best D/s Relationships possible. The fact that we keep adding lessons to it over the years and have always given it away for free has always been one of the ways we can lovingly Give Back to the Global BDSM Community. It is our pleasure and honor to continue to do so.

With the newest addition to the family of Crow Academy websites –, the Crow Academy Online Magazine – we realized that CrowSecrets had so many cool features that we decided it was time to rebuild Arcane Advice with many of these great features as well. Don’t worry – Arcane Advice will still forever remain FREE to the whole world. That will never change. 🙂

As Arcane Advice is kind of like a library of D/s Lesson, some topics will apply to some people, and other topics for others. We are looking at a format that will allow DRAMATICALLY easier searching for the topics and concepts in which you are the most interested. You will be able to narrow your search by date, subject, genre, and more. Plus the material will be presented in an easy-to-read format with quick access to related lessons as well. We are pretty certain you will quite enjoy the new, forthcoming Arcane Advice V.2.

FYI – you will not have to do anything at your end… just enjoy the new, easier-to-read, MUCH easier-to-use design. 🙂

(not yet released to the world but Almost There…)
How you will be able to get your copy…

The Hardback, Faux-Leather, Collectors Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission

Very happy to say that the Hardback Beautifully Illustrated Collectors Edition of “IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission” is in the warehouse! Its been a grueling few years getting the printers to print the book to my exacting standards, but it has finally been completed. Every single page is a work of Art…

Every single page is a work of Art, and thoroughly notated to make each and every point explicitly clear.

There are SEVERAL ways you will be able to obtain a copy in the near future…

1) On
While perhaps the easiest way to obtain the book, you should know that the price on Amazon will be the most expensive location to buy the book. If you live outside of the USA this will be the only option (buying from Amazon) for delivery addresses that are located outside the 50 United States.

NONETHELESS, this method (Amazon) is – in fact – also BY FAR the cheapest way to have the book shipped overseas, so it all balances out. 🙂

The Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE weighs almost 4 pounds (1.8 kg) due to the Photographic Quality paper and the Many Colors of ink required for the Art that covers every single page. Shipping a heavy book like this within the 50 United States is not a problem, but as soon as you step outside the USA the cheapest cost to ship privately goes up by 600% (No Joke! No Exaggeration, about $50 per book just for shipping overseas – even just to Canada!). HOWEVER, Amazon has their own massive, private delivery service so they only charge $5 shipping Anywhere In The World – YES only $5!! In addition, anyone who buys the book on Amazon will be able to send us a scan / copy of your receipt and we will “pay you back” with some Freebies and Goodies as our way of saying Thank You (discussed further down in more detail) and to offset the cost of the book on Amazon. 🙂

2) Directly from The Crow Academy (Non-Member)
The price will be lower than Amazon but will only be available to addresses within the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii).

3) Directly from The Crow Academy (Member)
The Member price will be a LOT lower than Amazon, but again only for addresses within the USA.

4) Directly from The Crow Academy during the check-out process for the IGNITING THE FIRE COMPLETE DIGITAL PACKAGE
Only when added to the CDP during the check-out process as an extra add-on (not included as a part of the CDP, as the CDP is, well, All Digital). The cost using option #4 (as an Add-On to the CDP) will be dramatically lower than Amazon, in fact THEE lowest price possible to buy the book anywhere. Like Options 2 and 3, this Add-On option is only available to delivery addresses in the USA as described above.

DON’T WORRY – Both USA and Non-USA addresses will both easily be able to
obtain and enjoy the COMPLETE DIGITAL PACKAGE…
$400 worth of materials for one VERY low price of only $67

Read more about the CDP (Complete Digital Package) below.

Upcoming Crow Academy BDSM & D/s Workshop Series in Los Angeles – How To Sign Up

The Crow Academy will shortly begin a series of workshops in the Los Angeles area. These workshops will occur on a Saturday or Sunday in the West Hollywood area at a private residence. Tickets will be available in advance. If you would like to be notified about the Dates & Subjects of the workshops send an email to:

Got a certain BDSM or D/s Topic you would like or know more about?
Let us know and we may just end up custom tailoring the event to your requests. 🙂

The Amazing Experience of The Crow Academy Members Lounge – so close you can taste it!

As we put the final touches on the Crow Academy Members Lounge we are so excited that we are beside ourselves wanting to show it to you all! The visuals are as beautiful as we could want, the navigation is EASY, and the content….. well lets just say we want it to be a site where you will want to come back again and again, so we are filling it with great materials to help every one of you improve your skills and understanding within this great big BDSM Universe.

Amongst many other things, we will have our own free – moderated – Forums, where you can discuss any aspect of BDSM in a civil environment and in complete anonymity. Every post will be reviewed to insure that conversations are always friendly and constructive, that every single Member feels respected, that good answers are nurtured, and that mature conversations spark your interest and imagination to get you involved and share your views. The Forums are FREE for Members and included with Membership.

We will also have Members-Only Audio Webinars where Master Arcane will do live educational seminars monthly and any Member can tune in from anywhere in the world, either by phone, by tablet, or by computer. You will have the option to simply listen or to participate and ask questions if you so choose. Master Arcane will take questions every time. It will be like sitting in a live workshop with Master Arcane from the comfort of your own home. The Webinars are FREE for Members and included with Membership.

One of our absolute favorite parts of the Members Lounge is the new Forever-Free Members Library. Stocked with Always-Free-for-Members Documents, Ebooks, Videos, and Audio Archives, all produced by The Crow Academy. Everything you find in the Members Library will be able to be downloaded as much as you want and / or streamed to your personal device as often as you want. The materials in the Members Library are not found elsewhere, and it will be our policy to add more and more to the Library as time goes on. Once something is in the Library it is there to stay, and you will have access to it for as long as your Membership remains active. 🙂

How To Get Membership

Well there are TWO ways:

First of all, as a massive way to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the efforts of The Crow Academy over the years, as we launch the Members Lounge we will be giving away LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to absolutely anyone who buys ANY Crow Academy product whatsoever (other than purchasing Membership itself – see below). As you complete the check out of your product (does not matter what it – an Ebook, a Mastery Course video series, the Hardback, etc) you will register the email you want for your log-in, and thereafter be sent a password which you can later customize. That’s it! Normally membership alone costs $200 per year, but with just one single purchase of ANY item produced by The Crow Academy and we are happy to say Thank You with Free Lifetime Membership – not another penny to enjoy the Members Lounge, ever!

The second way was created just for those who may not have bought anything from The Crow Academy but who would nonetheless like to participate in the Forums and Webinars, and who would like access to the Forever-Free Members Library. For these people, we will offer a Purchasable Membership, where the first month is ONLY ONE DOLLAR. Yep only $1 to try it all out and see if you like it. Thereafter if you like the Members Lounge and want to remain a member there will be a low monthly fee.

Like so many aspects of The Crow Academy, while it is our honor to share our expertise and help as many as possible find the Wonder and Beauty of the D/s Experience for themselves, we will ALWAYS remain open and thankful for suggestions as to how we can improve the Members experience. It will be a work-in-progress as we aim to create the most warm and welcoming environment possible where you can relax and expand your own knowledge and understanding of the BDSM Arts with like-minded seekers of knowledge.

Details on the forthcoming Igniting The Fire Complete Digital Package… the absolute best deal ever from The Crow Academy

As Crow Academy Newsletter Subscribers you are officially the FIRST TO KNOW about the forthcoming Package Deal we will be offering the world.

No Joke – $400 worth of materials for only $67.

When we launch this to the world, the Complete Digital Package (CDP) will include ALL of the following contents, REGARDLESS whether of not any part sells for a higher price anywhere else:

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission (Ebook edition).
⁃ The first book from The Crow Academy, with more than 220 beautiful photos illustrating exactly how to perform various techniques as well as take you into the luxurious and passionate world of Domination and Submission.
⁃ Pick either Epub (Apple, Modern Kindle & Most Readers) or Mobi (Older Kindle) format to perfectly fit your Ebook Reader.
⁃ Fully digitally indexed to quickly go from the Table of Contents directly to the exact section you want.

LIFETIME Membership Into The Crow Academy Members Lounge

⁃ 30 Quick & Easy “How-To” Videos showing you the perfect way to perform Crow Academy positions, signals, and more
⁃ Filmed by world famous photographer Ken Marcus

⁃ Lessons from TWO world-renowned Dominants teaching you the Basics side-by-side so you can not only safely get started, but also hear how two vastly different Dominants AGREE on What Makes BDSM Safe & Fun!

Access to The Crow Academy MEMBERS LIBRARY (inside the Members Lounge)
⁃ Forever-Free for Members
⁃ BDSM Documents created by The Crow Academy
⁃ Streaming Instructional Videos
⁃ Worksheets To Inspire & Guide you and your partner in all your BDSM Adventures
⁃ Critically Useful Documents like The Pre-Play Checklist (Don’t Ever Play Without It)
⁃ Free-For-Members-Only Ebooks on Specialized BDSM Topics

Access to Members Only Training WEBINARS at no additional cost!

Access Members Only Discussion FORUMS at no additional cost!

And More…. ALL for only $67

If you have read Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission…

We would love to hear what you think!

As we approach the next massive phase at The Crow Academy we would love to hear YOUR THOUGHTS about “Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission” if you have read the book.

If you bought the book at an online retailer by all means we’d love to have you share your thoughts with the world if they allow comments.

If you just want to share your own experiences directly with The Crow Academy please do send us your thoughts directly by replying to the Newsletter or using any Contact Form on any Crow Academy website.

We especially love hearing about how any part of the book helped your own D/s Relationship, gave you insight into a previously complicated matter, helped you through sticking points, gave you ideas and inspirations to create your own techniques, or any other positive effect the book had for you. 🙂

Here’s The Link to Your Free Ebook if you did not receive it when you joined our list:

DID YOU RECEIVE YOUR FREE CROW-ACADEMY “GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED IN DOMINATION AND SUBMISSION” mini-Ebook that you were promised when you signed up for this Newsletter?

As we move forward here at The Crow Academy with all manner of upgrades to our servers and our newsletter mailing list, once in a while a few of you do not receive your Free Ebook. If this is the case for you, just click on the link below to go straight to the SIGN UP page – don’t worry, you won’t be signed up twice even if you used this form before.

Newsletter Sign Up to Get Your Free Ebook – Click Here

Be certain to check your Junk / Spam / Promotions folders and we recommend you definitely” to your CONTACTS or ADDRESS BOOK to insure proper delivery of any and all Crow Academy communications.

FYI – you can also always email us directly by replying to the Newsletter and we can send it to you directly as well. 🙂

Crow Academy FAQ – Help us create the best answers with the Best Questions

Moving forward we intend to add an FAQ Page to The Crow Academy, addressing nearly ANY QUESTION that deserves a simple and efficient answer.

To this end we would LOVE to have you submit your Questions which you would like answered, not just for yourself but for Crow Academy fans everywhere to help inform a wider audience of people who appreciate The Crow Academy ideal of Romantic, Relationship-Positive Domination & Submission. 🙂

Example: “Is The Crow Academy a Large Castle in the Countryside?”
Answer: “No, you are thinking of the Other World Kingdom for Female Dominants / Male Submissives in Eastern Europe, or perhaps the Night Of Passion events in Germany which are hosted in genuine castles and palaces.”

Get the idea? Have Fun and Ask Us ANYTHING!

UPCOMING – Test Run of the Members-Only WebinarsOPEN TO EVERYONE

As we get ready to launch the Members Area and begin the monthly Members-Only Webinars, we want to offer ONLY YOU, our Subscribers, the chance to be a part of the First Webinar FOR FREE – absolutely no purchase necessary whatsoever!

To Sign Up for this Test Webinar – A REAL Audio Webinar personally taught by Master Arcane – all you have to do is send an email to:

PLEASE NOTE: We absolutely need to know WHAT TIME ZONE you are in. Please be certain to include this in your email. If you do not know the exact TIME ZONE, be sure to include the name of your nearest LARGE City.

You will be notified of the Date and Time, as well as the Subject.
A subsequent email from us will show you exactly how to log in / call in from Anywhere In The World.

Please note that to pick a time where the greatest number of people will be able to Log In / Join the Conference Call / Webinar, the time in local areas will vary widely. We will also be picking a time which is easiest for the largest number of people to attend. Nonetheless, some of you may be logging in during morning hours, some during the afternoon, and some during evening hours.

Igniting The Fire E-Book price going up soon… and The Gift we have for all of you Early Supporters!

Running and building The Crow Academy, as much as it IS a Labor of Love (which is why we are happy to offer so much free material to the world) is actually more costly than most people imagine. This is our career, and we love to be able to focus so much of our time upon it. With the forthcoming Members Lounge and especially the jam-packed-with-content “Complete Digital Package” which will contain the Ebook amongst many other items, the price of the “a la carte” Ebook (i.e. Ebook Only) of “Igniting The Fire” will be going up sharply (e.g. from Amazon, iBooks, etc).

While we encourage you to wait until you can obtain the Complete Digital Package if you do not already own the “Igniting The Fire” EBOOK, we also understand that someone of you just cannot wait to get the Ebook and dive right into The Crow Academy’s Romantic Style of BDSM and D/s. If this is you then Now Is The Time to get it (Ebook ONLY from Amazon, etc). You will be saving a significant amount over the forthcoming Ebook-Only price increase.

THAT SAID, if you already bought the Ebook of “Igniting The Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission” we want to show our extreme appreciation for your support. If you already bought the Ebook, or if you are about to buy it now a la carte (outside the forthcoming CDP), we want to extend to you the gift of LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP to the The Crow Academy Members Lounge (valued at over $200 a year if purchased alone). Yep, FREE! Indeed its our way of just plain saying THANK YOU to all our Early Supporters. 🙂

How To Get Your Free Lifetime Access to The Crow Academy Members Lounge

All you will have to do is send us a scan or copy of your email receipt for the Ebook.  Receipt MUST be a copy of the Original, and must show the vendor and price paid. As long as its all perfectly legible and we can read all necessary details, we will automatically set your email address (the one you used at the time of purchase or the one from which you email us – the choice is yours) as the Log-In to be given Free Lifetime Membership when the Members Lounge opens. You will thereafter be sent your password which you will be able to customize. 🙂

Send your scanned receipt or email receipt copy to:

And there you go…

This has been the first Crow Academy Newsletter to fully appear ONLY on
 We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience (and enjoyed the MUCH shorter email letting you know this issue was ready).  🙂

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback on how we can make a GREAT Online Magazine for you, our readers.  It’s all a work-in-progress, and our goal is that you enjoy your time here with us.

Fetish Dreams To You All,
— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy