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New Arcane Advice Article:
The Many Ways to Serve The Dominant

A female submissive associate of mine wrote asking me if I could describe a few ways a submissive or slave can serve her Dom. Rather than give literal examples as my reply, I ventured into describing the Essence of what it means to Serve, and extended that into an understanding of how to Create Your Own Best Ways to Serve your Dom. I touched upon a variety of key areas to consider, fundamental methods by which any submissive can find ways to serve any Dom. Above all, I emphasized that discovering new ways to Serve your Dom can be a distinctly fun and creative process.

Of course there are also various traditional methods and activities of Service, however while mentioning some of these I refer to them as examples and not so much as anything written in stone. My goal is to get any submissive to appreciate the traditions of Service-Oriented Submission, and to also enjoy the process of thinking up new and original ways to Serve. When a submissive puts her own original spin on a tradition to make it relevant to her own relationship while at the same time genuinely pleasing their Dom, then certainly this will add great energy to the D/s Dynamic shared between the two.



There are certainly things that are “de facto” which I would expect from any slave….
• that they present themselves well and maintain good grooming
• that they adhere to the protocols & etiquette they have been taught
• that they take excellent care of their own body (which, as my slave, also means taking care of MY property…)
• that they are truthful
• that they are attentive when I need them to be so
• quite often, and especially if they live with me, a wide variety of secretarial / office / personal assistant skills
• and more.

Outside of these de facto items, service often comes down to the talents and skills of the submissive. I have had subs who absolutely had a “green thumb” and so they tended to my flower garden. Another sub LOVED to drive and was quite a safe driver so she became my chauffeur. Still another sub was a world-class chef, so despite my own love of cooking I let her turn the kitchen into her personal laboratory. Some slaves were pretty good at massage, others were trained to be better, and some just really lacked the talent or lacked arm & hand strength.

The flip side was how sometimes the reverse is true and must be taken into account. The chef was a horrible driver so I did all the driving when with her. The one with the green thumb was not as good a cook as me, so I did at least 50% of the cooking as I taught her cooking tricks. Sometimes a sub can be brought up to a skill level in an area in which they are not proficient, and sometimes not. There was almost no amount of driving instruction possible that was going to improve the driving skills of the chef such that she would ever make a chauffeur for me, etc.

If a slave lives with me, domestic duties also become de facto, e.g. cleaning the house, laundry, etc. Also included in this list – once I know the slave appreciates my personal tastes in terms of visual and olfactory perception – would be to do things to make the home environment more pleasant, like burning a scented candle or incense, arranging fresh or silk flowers to brighten a room, etc. Given would be preparing my coffee in the morning, and delightful submission in the bedroom naturally….

When taking on a new submissive, I have a “worksheet” of sorts that lists 20+ ways in which the submissive believes they can serve me based on their own self-knowledge, and I ask them to fill out this worksheet so I get a very clear idea of the areas in which they feel they will excel **. Of course this worksheet is merely for reference, and unless specifically negotiated ahead of time the Dom is not beholden to such a list. Nonetheless, it does help both people to understand where the slave perceives her own strengths to lay. It is extremely important for the Dom to design a curriculum where the activities are biased for the slave to achieve regular successes, and as such in my personal life I want the slave to be focusing on areas in which they feel they can do well. If I have an absolute need for them to become skilled in an area in which they are not as proficient, then it is my responsibility as the Dom to create a program of training to raise their skill in a manner that we both find palatable.
(** This worksheet is available in The Crow Academy Members Library as a free download).

It’s also critical for any Quality Dominant to respect the fact that there are some skills in which a given slave simply will never achieve great success. When this happens it is by far best for the Dom to respect that said course of training has effectively reached its natural peak, and for the couple to move on to cultivate other skills (given that said lacking-skill is not a Hard Limit / requirement for the Dom). The worksheet list includes things like,“”Domestic Service (e.g. house cleaning),” “Gardener,” “Chauffeur,” “Chef,” “Passion Slave,” and much more. Although I may well train a slave to do more than what they initially checked off, at least having such a list in the beginning tells me where they feel they can best get started.

Sometimes the reason for a course of training / service may not be immediately obvious. I insist that my personal slave goes to the gym, and sometimes I will have her carry a heavy grocery bag even though I could easily carry it. The hidden reason is that, like Wax-On from “THE KARATE KID,” I am actually training her to accompany me on my travels around the globe, to have the leg and back strength to go backpacking with me, the fitness level to keep up with me, etc. Note that this does not discount me from choosing to be “the gentleman” and carry a heavy bag, hold a door, etc, if I so choose. The difference is that while I adore politeness and good etiquette in general and like to be a living example of such to the woman from whom I will be expecting the same, I also acknowledge my own responsibility to help my slave grow. Or to put it more succinctly, while the gym is mandatory, if there are two heavy bags I could easily carry I may choose to give her one.

I always make sure the slave understands that Service To The Master is something I allow them; it is not simply their “right.” I am an extremely capable man, and there is not a single chore, errand or task that I cannot do myself or get a professional to do for me. Thus, I make sure each act of Service is also an Act Of Devotion, and keep it all understood as an over-arching element of our D/s Life. If an Act of Service can be kept fresh and “loving” then it will flow MUCH better in the D/s Household. If it just becomes a boring routine, then in my honest opinion steps should be taken to infuse the activity with a fresh energy directly related to D/s. It is the Master’s responsibility to make this happen, and doing so should not be complicated nor taxing. One of my favorite lessons for couples who train with me personally is to have the submissive bring the Dominant a glass of water. At first the brand new submissive typically will just get up, get the water, and hand it to the new Dom. Bit by bit, I have her repeat that same act but each time I add one more D/s element into the action. The second time she asks, “Master may I get you some water?” The third time she brings him the water and adds, “May I get you anything else Master?” The fourth time she kneels before him before presenting the glass of water… etc etc. Each time a D/s element is added, the action becomes more and more an Act of D/s Devotion. Even something as mundane as getting a glass of water can be transformed.

I also make sure that I personally never get lazy myself, so sometimes I will do one of the slave’s tasks just to keep myself on my feet (gardening, cooking, laundry, etc). I also respect my slave as my Teammate. While I am primarily the coach / captain of the team, she is there to assist me with “Divide & Conquer” strategies in daily life. If I have her doing office work for me that is more important than the time she would take to cook, then I will make the meal. In such a case, she is certainly doing her duty and serving me in the more important activities in the office to which I have assigned her, and given that I have nothing more important pending I can lighten the overall burden of O/our household by being the one to create something delicious for us to eat. You can take it to heart: a Dom and sub are a Team. The Dom, the “coach” or “captain of the team,” decides who does what and the relationship succeeds by way of mutual diligence.

Or as a number of Fine Doms like to say, “The submissive serves the Dom, the Dom commands and guides, and both the sub and the Dom serve the Relationship.” In the D/s Garden, both the Dom and the sub are Gardeners.


UPDATES: The Crow Academy Members Area
& The Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE

Happy to say that we are in the final stages of plugging everything together for The Crow Academy Members Lounge! This is now on a Fast Track as the printer has given us a date for the arrival of the Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE…. the End of August!!! As you can imagine we are all incredibly excited about all of this finally coming together. It has been a long road to get here, and we are making sure every bolt is tightened, and every “i” is dotted (sure mixing metaphors here, but it still sorta works). 😉

Inside the forthcoming Crow Academy Members Lounge you will have full access to the Members Forums where you can anonymously chat with other Members, you will find the Members Only Webinars where Master Arcane will be teaching all who attend FOR FREE once a month in an online interactive format, the Forever FREE Members Library stocked with Downloadable Documents, Ebooks, and even occasional free Instructional Videos, and much more! Members will also be entitled to substantial discounts on almost ALL Crow Academy Products, Books, and Courses.

You automatically become a Member with your very first purchase of ANY Crow Academy product, whether that was the Ebook, the Hardback, the Mastery Course Video Series, or anything else. BEST OF ALL, for a limited time all Memberships will remain active FOR LIFE at no additional charge!!! Yep, included with any purchase and For Life.

Don’t want to buy any books or videos at this time from The Crow Academy but want inside the Members Lounge? No Problem! We will be offering a monthly subscription price that still gets you ALL the Freebies and Future Discounts, Forums, Webinar Access and More! And guess how much it is going to cost to initially subscribe? ONE DOLLAR. Yep, your First Month is only $1 to come inside and check it all out for your first month. You read that correctly. Stay tuned for more information as it unfolds, and we will definitely be telling you where to go to get involved!


New FREE Ebook coming to The Crow Academy Members Library…
DOMINANT SUPERPOWERS: Flawlessly Identifying Limits

Yet another addition to the Forever Free Members Library inside the forthcoming Crow Academy Members Lounge. Our largest single Ebook addition to the Free Members Library yet!  This is how the Members Library will be working – we will keep adding to it, you will keep getting it all FOR FREE as a Member.

Being a writer is a funny thing. Sometimes you draw a blank, sometimes the words flow. Like most personal forms of Art, the more you do it the easier it tends to flow when you need it.

This is why it can be quite funny when I sit down to write a 5 or 6 paragraph essay on the absolute BEST system I know for accurately discerning a submissive’s REAL limits (as opposed to what they initially overstate, which happens more often than you think)…. and end up writing a 14 page Ebook.

The name of this new, free Ebook from The Crow Academy is simply
DOMINANT SUPERPOWERS: Flawlessly Identifying Limits

In DOMINANT SUPERPOWERS: Flawlessly Identifying Limits I go into great detail about THEE BEST and most reliable system I have ever used to assess where someone’s true limits actually lay. I take away the nervous hesitation often encountered when a Dominant and submissive begin to play together, and present a verified system which I have personally used a thousand times (no joke) that teaches the Dominant how to accurately spot even the tiniest distinction between a real limit and going too far.

It will be available inside The Crow Academy Members Library upon launching. Like so many other things it will be a Free Download for all Members. Stay tuned for more information on the launch of The Crow Academy Members Lounge….. coming soon!!


The Master Aryn Blaque Free Memorial Video Library
…. coming soon to The Crow Academy

Master Aryn Blaque, a Legend in the Global BDSM Community

When we look back on our lives we often recall those who have had a profound effect on who we are today. Parents withstanding, there are those who intentionally or inadvertently “mentored” us in various capacities, those whose very energy helped shaped us into becoming better as we evolved. While many will have this effect here or there, it is with great great love and respect that I look back on one man who influenced who I am as a Dom and a Master to an enormous degree…. and who had this same effect on a whole city of kink and fetish.

Master Aryn Blaque was exactly this man. He was a father figure, big brother, and conscientious mentor to countless people in the Los Angeles BDSM Community. As the leader and cornerstone of the BDSM Performance Area in the back of Club Sin-A-Matic, he was the hub for the countless thousands who flowed through Sin-A-Matic over the years to watch the BDSM shows of Master Aryn and his closest trusted associates. All the while he consistently showed the world what it means to take BDSM to a level where it truly could be called ART.

Many were the Saturday night attendees who would wait in line literally for hours to get into the separate BDSM Theater in the back of Sin-A-Matic. Aryn’s trusted friends and associates, those who would participate in the shows either as Dom or Sub throughout the night, got the ever-changing password to skip the line, much to the chagrin of even Hollywood Celebrities who still had to wait. The performances of Aryn and company were that unique, that jaw dropping, such that even the Hollywood elite found it worthwhile to hold their conversations and dance while waiting in line for the back room rather than enjoy the superior dance floor up front.

The year was 1994 and I had recently returned from living in Europe, where I had trained my very first formal slave under the guidance of some of the finest D/s Couples I have ever known. Back in the USA it was a slow process to try to locate a gathering area where I could continue to explore this Art which had so completely absorbed my soul. It was at a festival in Northern California where an associate of mine saw me wearing a T-Shirt for the infamous London fetish club Torture Garden and inquired if I too was into “that stuff.” Pushing aside my hesitancy to answer, he pulled a flogger he had made from his car and made it quite clear that the conversation was officially opened. Our friendship re-ignited on a whole new level, and one day he explained to me that the next time I went to Los Angeles I had to contact his friend down there, a man named Master Aryn Blaque.

I remember first meeting Aryn at a small BDSM club set inside a normal, non-kinky venue. Even then he was surrounded by people who adored him, who sought his advice, who merely wanted to bathe in his calming energy. He was their Rock of Gibraltar. He gave me the stage for a brief “try-out” if you will, and later offered me some sage advice on how to improve. I took it to heart. Months later on a subsequent trip to Los Angeles, at club Sin-A-Matic I had already gained so much respect for Master Aryn that I had my newly collared slave bow at his feet in a position reserved only for those at the absolute top of the totem pole of Exemplary BDSM Excellence. This was the first time I had ever met any Dom – male or female – who I found worthy of expressing that honor. Thereafter Master Aryn and I became friends and I took what I learned from him in Los Angeles, as well as what I had learned in Europe and San Francisco, and joined with others to truly embrace the concept that BDSM was, indeed, a true form of Art.

Over the next 6 years, Sin-A-Matic became a regular event whenever I found myself in Los Angeles. When Aryn and his many friends who became my friends were up north it was a given to honor them at The Crow Academy. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s at the infamous private parties at the Northern Californa Crow Academy, Aryn’s presence added an intense level of sanctity to the events, as he continued to open the eyes of those watching and listening to understand what the true ART of BDSM was all about. Whether it was a flogger, a whip, a paddle, the way he spoke to his slave, the music he selected to play to, or even the advice he gave while simply hanging out, it seemed there was almost no limit to the benefits this man could produce in those around him.

At a Los Angeles gathering I recall standing next to another BDSM Luminary, Sabrina Belladonna, a good friend who was also an incredible mover and shaker in the Global BDSM Community (you should try to find the episode of Jerry Springer where Sabrina owns Jerry in front of his own audience after he made the enormous error of trying to belittle Sabrina – hysterical and worth watching; Sabrina passed in 2009). Laughing and conversing, we both heard the loudspeaker announce the performance of Master Aryn. Both the incredible Sabrina and myself stopped our conversation immediately….. as did everyone else in the club. You could hear a pin drop because everyone there knew that Master Aryn’s BDSM shows were not to be missed. He had long ago established this at Sin-A-Matic and on so many other occasions. He did not disappoint, ever.

As I described at Master Aryn’s recent memorial, it was not that Aryn did things that no one else did. Quite the opposite, he did the same moves, used the same toys, swung the same whips….all with one gigantic exception: When Aryn swung that whip, held the melting candle over the submissive’s body, grabbed her gently by her hair, flashed a knife menacingly only later to gently drag it over her body so lightly as to feel like a feather…. he infused his every move with an Artistic Energy, a Gracefulness, that made each moment superior. He became one with his submissive and her energy…. his whips became an extension of his own body…. none of which I say lightly.  Everyone could see it; Everyone talked about it.  No matter where the venue, when it was discovered that Master Aryn was performing, little else mattered.

Aryn passed on June 3rd, 2017, a very long night with countless friends coming to his bedside. About two weeks later my slave and I were performing at a special BDSM event where we came out in full regalia to entertain a discerning and kinky crowd. Mid-scene, while wearing my requisite horse-head gasmask for theatrical effect, I was swinging a flogger in just a certain way…. and I realized I had learned that move from Aryn. Moments later I was teasing my slave with light knife-play…. and I realized I had learned those moves from Aryn. Still again I moved to another toy and another technique…. and I realized I had learned that move from Aryn. Behind my mask I had to hold back tears as I looked into the mirror of my actions while my own musculature bowed with open acknowledgment to the man from whom I had learned these techniques and so much more.

It is one thing to write here and tell you about Master Aryn Blaque and his profound influence on the Los Angeles BDSM Community, and quite another thing to actually have watched him in action. He was so incredibly honored in two beautiful BDSM Community memorial services that drew hundreds to come pay their respects at Bar Sinister and Sanctuary LAX over two days, where Aryn had played and performed numerous times. One thing was agreed upon by all: He intentionally or inadvertently had mentored so many of us. As one gentleman said, “Aryn will live on when everyone of you who learned your techniques from Aryn pass along those techniques to those you mentor under you. Your mentorship using what you learned from Aryn will be the greatest honor you could bestow on his memory.” Glasses were raised in a toast at this thought and everyone looked around to see the sea of people who acknowledged how much Aryn had already transferred his mentorship.

The Master Aryn Blaque Free Memorial Video Library

Again, talking about Aryn and seeing Aryn are two different things. This is why we at The Crow Academy will be adding a new section in the future to The Crow Academy website: The Master Aryn Blaque Memorial Video Library. We are in the process of locating any and all video – professional, amateur or otherwise – of Master Aryn Blaque swinging a whip or engaged in any other aspect of his BDSM Excellence. The Aryn Blaque Video Library will be hosted openly on The Crow Academy website so that anyone can watch and learn, as we all did, from Aryn and his immaculate techniques. It will be forever FREE to watch and forever open to the public. We are honored to be able to do so, and we hope when the videos are up sometime in the future that you as well will be able to absorb even a modicum of the BDSM expertise that was Master Aryn Blaque.



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