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Strong Woman, Strong Slave + The Kuldrin Interview

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  • New Arcane Advice Lesson: Strong Woman, Strong Slave
  • Great News r.e. The Hardback of IGNITING THE FIRE
  • The Kuldrin Interview – 90 Minutes of Pure BDSM Education


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The Kuldrin Interview – 90 Minutes of Pure BDSM Education

Recently I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by a true gentleman of the Global BDSM Community who, like myself, has taken to heart the quality goal of helping educate anyone who truly wants to excel at BDSM and D/s.  Kuldrin is the gentleman’s name, and his show is called “Kuldrins Krypt.”  It was my pleasure to meet this man who I can assure you is “one of us.”

This turned out to be a very unique experience.  It’s one thing to be interviewed by and / or teach to a crowd of folk who are absolutely new to BDSM, something I truly love doing so I can dispel many nonsense myths about BDSM.  However, when the interviewer themself is a highly educated BDSM practitioner I can tell you the questions I am asked and the information that flows becomes packed with information.

The back & forth between Kuldrin and myself proceeded impeccably into what I consider perhaps the best, most educational interview I have ever done.  It should be no surprise that I am overjoyed to share it with all of you, my dear subscribers, first before anyone else in the world.

The link below will take you to the interview.
Enjoy.  🙂

Click HERE to go directly to the KULDRIN INTERVIEW of Master Arcane


New Arcane Advice Lesson: Strong Woman, Strong Slave
A Unique Lesson written by slave Daphne

An excited new submissive was very happy to find out that there were so many others out there who felt the same as she did, but wanted to know if my slave, Daphne, ever had trouble balancing her strongly independent, sometimes tom-boyish nature with her own passionate experience of submission to me.

Is it possible to be both strong as a person and strong as a woman while also being strong as a slave?  I was more than happy to tell her the answer was a resounding Yes. To even further make the point I elected to have slave Daphne herself answer the question and create this lesson.

In her answer Daphne explains beautifully exactly how she creates a wonderful balance in her own life, mixing personal-best as my slave alongside personal strength in her own womanhood. I hope you enjoy this special edition of Arcane Advice.

The link below will take you to this unique lesson…..

Click HERE to go directly to STRONG WOMAN STRONG SLAVE on Arcane Advice


Great News about The Crow Academy’s first book
IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission

++The Gorgeous, Hardback, Coffee Table, Collectors Edition++

More than 10 years ago I decided to turn a small handout for new submissives into a larger hand out.  The thing was, I had so much information to convey that the new handout kept growing…. and growing…. and growing.  By 2009 it was over 300 pages long, and that was when I hired an AMAZING book designer to make sure than this “How-To” manual was going to look GORGEOUS.

In 2013, with the book well finished, I was advised that the Ebook market was an important world for publishing, and the finished 372 page book was re-designed to make a wonderful, indexed Ebook.  I felt great about releasing the Ebook at last, but at the same time I knew I was not done.  Why?  Because the background art had to be stripped out of the Ebook due to file size limitations.  Because the photos were all chosen for how beautiful they looked in print.  Most of all because the Original Book was designed to be a Hardback Coffee Table Book, where every single page was a work of art.

In 2015 I contacted various printers around the world and attended publishing conventions in search of the right printer who could produce IGNITING THE FIRE in the way it was always originally intended to be seen.  Yet even after I located a printer I liked, there was still so much more to be done, because I wanted…. needed…. DEMANDED that the final product live up to the original vision I had for The Crow Academy’s debut tome.

Well my friends, I am here today to inform you that as of Monday, May 1st, 2017, I have officially signed off on the final element required for the production of the IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission Hardback, Coffee Table, Collectors Edition.  That was the final signature, and the actual Print Run begins shortly.  With a superior quality imitation leather cover, gold stamped titles, photographic quality paper cover-to-cover, over 200 photos by Ken Marcus and Perry Gallagher popping exquisitely from the art-covered pages, and every single page covered in artwork edge-to-edge, I am overjoyed to finally be able to share this book with you The Way It Was Originally Meant To Be Seen.

But the news gets EVEN BETTER for Crow Academy Newsletter Subscribers (that’s you guys).  While the Hardback Collectors Edition will be available to the general public from Amazon at a premium price, we intend to offer Newsletter Subscribers a SUBSTANTIAL discount off the retail price.  Yep.  And when I say SUBSTANTIAL I mean the kind of discount that comes around rarely.

So stay tuned because we will be announcing here in the Newsletter exactly when the books have arrived, and posting ONLY IN THE NEWSLETTER the Discount Procedure for all of you.  But lets sweeten the news a little more, shall we?  About the same time we will launching the New Crow Academy Members Lounge, and anyone who purchases IGNITING THE FIRE in ANY form (Ebook or Hardback Collectors Edition) will receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to the The Crow Academy Members Lounge.

Already bought the Ebook?  No problem!  When the time comes we will tell all of you who supported Crow Academy Publishing with your purchase of the Ebook exactly how to get your own FREE Crow Academy Members Lounge Membership.  Its the least we can do to say THANK YOU for being an early supporter of Crow Academy Publishing.


That’s it for now.  LOTS happening here at The Crow Academy, and as always it is our pleasure to help anyone who wants to learn about BDSM, who wants a down-to-earth way to get their kinky feet wet, or who wants to truly reach for the stars and excel at all things D/s.

Fetish Dreams To You All,

— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy