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A warm welcome to 2015!

Dear Crow Academy News Readers,

Here at The Crow Academy we are starting off the New year with a BANG! So many exciting things to share!

But first and foremost if you are just reading this for the first time, did you know you can get a Free Downloadable Guide to Getting Started in Domination and Submission?

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You will also find an article below explaining what the Free Guide is all about with the same link there as well.


We are unbelievably happy to announce The First Ebook from The Crow Academy is NOW AVAILABLE on Nook (Barnes & Noble), with Apple iBooks and Amazon (Kindle) by Next Week!

One week from today check out your favorite eBook vendor to obtain your own copy of….

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission
by Master Arcane
Beautifully photographed by World Famous photographers
Ken Marcus and Perry Gallagher

What can you expect to find in this, the first book from The Crow Academy?

From the Publisher Page:
You’ve fantasized, you’ve read the romance novels, and you ask, “Does a beautiful world of Domination and Submission really exist?” The answer is YES. Welcome to The Crow Academy. In this first volume, “IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission” you will learn about creating Real Experiences that you and your partner can share to build an Amazing Connection and quite possibly make your relationship Stronger Then Ever.
IGNITING THE FIRE will teach you Proven Techniques from the Real World of Domination and Submission which have been perfected over decades….and even centuries! Begin immediately with a Complete Program to teach both the Dominant and the Submissive a full repertoire of Positions, Commands, Gestures, Activities and Signals. Passionately explore the exalted art of Domination and Submission with your partner and bring to life the fantasy relationship that you’ve both been dreaming about. Brilliantly enhance almost every aspect of your Daily Life together with an Immaculate System of Precise Protocols and Exquisite Etiquette.
Beautifully Photographed to illustrate every point by world famous photographers Ken Marcus and Perry Gallagher, this manual will teach you all you need to know to get started right away. Using refined tools and techniques, “IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission” will help you achieve an ever-growing bliss in your relationship while keeping your D/s journey Safe and Fun!

Now here’s the fun part:
YOU are Readers, and that Means Something. YOU do not have to wait to find out what kinds of lessons are inside this book, nor spend your money without some idea of what you are buying, so we are here to give ONLY YOU our Newsletter Readers this….


This free 20 Page Guide has been designed specifically for those of you who are seriously wondering where to start with Domination and submission, while knowing that you crave D/s in your life.

This Free Guide contains several lessons from The Crow Academy as well as basic concepts that we consider just really, really Good Things To Know about getting started Safely and Intelligently with D/s. You can look at it as a kind of “Preview of Things to Come” of what you can expect to find in IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission.

This Getting Started guide is a stand-alone booklet with complete lessons and some basic safety for both the Dominant as well as the submissive. Check it out today and begin your deeper education into the ecstatic world of Domination and Submission.

But it doesn’t stop there….

Strictly for Current Readers, we want to make this FREE GUIDE an Interactive Experience. You, and ONLY You, are invited to Tell Us What You Think and talk with us about your experience.

Did you like the Free Guide To Getting Started?
Did you think it was too long or too short?
Was it confusing? Was it eye-opening?
Do you like the way it’s formatted?
Do you think we use too many CAPITAL LETTERS?
Did it Inspire You and Your Partner?
Do you think some parts needed better explanation?
Did it make you want to get naked and run down the street yelling “WooHoo!”?
Do you feel like you got some good tools to get started in D/s?
Anything else you want to share with us? (er, about the Guide that is)

We want to hear it all, no holds barred!
And you Beginners…. we especially want to hear from you!

Everyone who writes in answering these questions will get a Significant Discount on the forthcoming Gorgeous Full Color Hardback Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE.

Ready…. Set…. GO!
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Brisbane, Australia

On January 24th, The Crow Academy will be joining forces with The Sanguine Den to begin an ABSOLUTELY FREE series of Three Successive Workshops aimed at teaching students of all levels about the Diversity of D/s Styles & Techniques in the world of Domination and submission.

This workshop series will begin with an overview of almost everything you could ever need to know about the basics of Protocol, Safety, Procedures, Pitfalls and more to get Started on your D/s Journey.

The Crow Academy and The Sanguine Pack are two Very Different Styles of D/s, yet there is so much overlap that you can easily triangulate on the Essential Information and Critical Points, and set forth with an Extremely Balanced Set of Tools.

The three workshops will successively build on each other, starting with Basics & Essentials, then building to the second, intermediate workshop teaching Deeper Protocols and The Psychology of D/s, and conclude with the advanced workshop on Building D/s Relationship Dynamics and Discovering Your Own D/s Style.

The cost of these workshops? Nothing. Nada.
They’re all FREE.

From the workshop announcement on Fetlife:
“After much demand….
Once again, Brisbane’s Own SANGUINE PACK and California’s CROW ACADEMY will be joining their collective minds to once more run a series of workshops regarding the Diversity and Styles of Domination and submission.

This will be a Three-Part Workshop that will offer an overview of the various, differing Styles of Ds one can expect to come across, while also teaching valuable insights for individuals looking to explore the Art Form known as Domination and Submission. A multitude of hints and tips will be shared to help avoid various traps and pit falls that one might encounter in the world of D/s.

Be it for life style, bedroom, or just an experiment, we are confident everyone will walk away with some inspiring ideas and excellent new ways to play.

This is a free workshop, however places are limited.
Attendance must be 100% confirmed to hold a seat.
Those who have confirmed and not turned up to previous workshops will be given last priority so that bookings can be managed appropriately.

It is a rare opportunity to have the founder of The Crow Academy, Master Arcane, not only in our country, but freely available to share his knowledge and make himself available to answer questions.
I thoroughly advise making the most of it!

Space is limited to 20 seats so Reserve Your Space ASAP.
Additional people can be accommodated if submissives sit on the floor (BYO pillow).”

To Sign Up for the January 24th workshop:
You must be a member of (and if you are not a member yet, why not? Fetlife is also FREE, and a pretty cool resource for all levels).

Sign up on the Fetlife announcement page at:

Click HERE for the Free BDSM Workshops in Brisbane Australia


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Well that about wraps it up for another edition of The Crow Academy Newsletter.

Fetish Dreams and D/s Bliss to you all, and here’s to an Amazing 2015!!

— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy