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The Hard Limits of the Dominant

Welcome to Crow Academy News

First and foremost a warm welcome to all the new subscribers to The Crow Academy Newsletter. Great to have you onboard.

For those of you who have not yet seen the newest addition to the ARCANE ADVICE website, I invite you to click on the link below to read the latest Free Lesson entitled, “THE HARD LIMITS OF THE DOMINANT” in 2 Parts:

The Hard Limits of The Dominant – Part 1

The Hard Limits of The Dominant – Part 2

This new Lesson came about when someone inquired as whether or not there ever was a reasonable time when a Dominant might legitimately express a “My Way or the Highway” attitude. The answer may surprise you (and definitely do NOT jump to conclusions before you read the Lesson!!). Many people often discuss respecting the Limits of the submissive, an implicitly Good Idea.  Few however give enough attention the Limits of the Dominant and in this Arcane Advice Lesson we discuss exactly that: The Limits of the Dominant.


In the mean time, if you have not already sent a friend request to myself, Master Arcane, or to The Crow Academy over on FETLIFE.COM by all means please come do so!  We are always happy to connect with people on Fetlife, an excellent Social Networking Site for Kinky People.  For those of you who do not know, Fetlife is like Facebook for Kinky People.  It is definitely NOT a dating site, and in fact the creators of Fetlife made it explicitly clear that this was their intention.  The result: a fine place to keep in contact with your Fetish Friends and Kinky Krew around the world.

Click Here to go to the Fetlife page of Master Arcane

Click Here to go to the Fetlife page of The Crow Academy

A fair number of people have written to The Crow Academy asking for insight on matters that are often quite local, such as, “where can we meet more people into BDSM and D/s?”

FETLIFE started as a social network for such people only a few short years ago and now has over 5 Million members all over the world. When you join – which is free – you get access (also totally free) to listings of events all over the planet. So when someone asks us where they can meet people or find local classes I often suggest they check the listings on FETLIFE.

Again, the beautiful thing about FETLIFE is that it is NOT a dating site – the developers have gone to great lengths to prevent that. As such, it is a genuine Social Networking site (sort of like a kinky Facebook), and a GREAT way to keep in touch with your Fetish and BDSM friends all over the world.

Website Improvements & Mobile Functionality

Happy to say The Crow Academy website is getting a major update that should make it even faster loading on all types of internet connections. In addition we are happy to say that and are now 100% viewable on all mobile platforms, iPads, Smart Phones, etc.

Best news of all is that IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art of Romantic Submission is so close to publication you can taste it! Rest assured those of you here on The Crow Academy Newsletter list will be the first to know.

Fetish Dreams To You All,
— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy