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Fireplay Show, Fetish Factory 20th Anniversary, Florida

The Crow Academy goes to Florida….


On May 21st 2015, one of the Very Best BDSM / Fetish Events in the USA begins: The FETISH FACTORY 20TH ANNIVERSARY party.

Held in Ft Lauderdale, this 4 day event covers 12 different parties, and that’s actually not even all that goes on! This is not so much an “Educational” event like BoldCon or Thunder In The Mountains, as much as a European-Style Fetish Event & Celebration.  Pool Parties all day, Sumptuous Events each evening, After Parties into the wee-hours of every night….

Definitely an event for your “Kinky Travel” bucket list.  😉

I will be performing one or more BDSM SHOWS at the event, and at least one of them will include a FIREPLAY Performance (like the ones showcased on If you want to catch the Fireplay show get on the Fetish Factory 20th Twitter Feed where I will announce the showtime.

FF 20 Twitter:

For more info on the FF 20 event go to their website:

Hope to see some of you there!

Fetish Dreams,
— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy