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Difference between Dom and Master, Meet the Sanguine Pack

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  • New Arcane Advice Article: The Difference between Dominant and Master
  • Good News r.e. The Crow Academy’s 372 Page How-To Book!
  • Introducing The Sanguine Pack: a Unique Style of D/s


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To begin with, we have a link below to the latest article over on regarding a clarification of, “What is the difference between a Master / Mistress, and a Dominant?” a question I am often asked. This is actually a much more important distinction than you might think! Learn more about how The Crow Academy defines a “Master.”

GOOD NEWS regarding The Crow Academy’s 372 Page How-To Guide Book for All Levels of Experience, IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art Of Romantic Submission. The Ebook version of our book has been available for six months now, and while we stopped any overt advertising Four Months Ago, it is STILL flying off the shelves! This means knowledge of the book is spreading Purely By Word Of Mouth! If you are one of the many who have bought IGNITING THE FIRE and have been telling others, we cannot thank you enough!

Lastly, stay tuned as we move forward in the production of the GORGEOUS, Hard-Cover, Leather-Bound Coffee-Table Edition of IGNITING THE FIRE!!

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On another subject, in this Newsletter I am happy to help bring to your attention the work of a fellow Dominant friend of mine, Master Thorn of The Sanguine Pack in Australia, who has his own extremely unique style of D/s and a free website full of information about his style for all of you out there wanting to expand your repertoire of D/s Style Elements. As we teach here at The Crow Academy, there are numerous beautiful, evolved Styles of Domination and Submission in the world. The Crow Academy is merely one High-Etiquette D/s Style that has been crafted meticulously over decades into a finely-tuned working form that makes it accessible to most anyone, with a focus on building a Healthy D/s Relationship with a touch of Romance. The Crow Academy Style of D/s is based on both modern as well as centuries-old Protocols and D/s Etiquette.

Nonetheless, I personally LOVE finding out about other Styles of D/s that have been equally well-crafted over time! The creators of these styles always end up becoming friends of mine and we often swap techniques and learn from each other as we continue to develop ourselves. Remember, The Crow Academy Central Philosophy is, “There is no end to how much a person can grow, improve themselves in some way, and learn something new every day.” This means the Masters too, myself included. Read below to learn all about this completely alternative and amazing style of D/s!



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New Article on
The Difference Between a Dominant and a Master

(excerpt from the article….)
First and Foremost, as we teach at The Crow Academy any “Dom/me” (the abbreviated term for “Dominant” in the BDSM / Fetish sense of the word) is someone who Accepts Responsibility for the Well-Being of their submissive. A “Master” according to The Crow Academy definition is identified by the existence of an equally co-committed “slave” (1 or more). Likewise, one is not a “slave” per se’ without the concurrent existence of being Owned & Trained by a Master / Mistress. A “Master” without a slave can still hold the title if they are well-established in their skills by way of previous slaves. But a newbie Dom cannot call themselves a Master in any real sense of the word until they have Owned and Trained at least one actual “slave” (the term “Master” in this sense being equated much more with OWNER rather than “Expert,” though certainly some Masters are also Experts adding a very desirable and honorable double layer of meaning to the term…..


Click HERE to read the Full Article: “The Difference between a Dominant and a Master”


A Whole Different Way to approach Domination and Submission

It has been one of the joys of my life that I have had the pleasure of meeting a variety of outstanding fellow Dominants, both male and female, in my adventures throughout the global BDSM and Fetish Community. Every so often a lone Dom/me will catch my attention by way of the sheer amount of time and effort they have spent in creating truly their own Style of D/s. Even beyond this will come another tier of Dom/me who has not only developed a brilliantly evolved Style of D/s but who has also accepted the mantle of Teaching both their own style as well as numerous high-quality principles regarding general BDSM and D/s practices to anyone who wants to learn. Master Thorn of the Sanguine Pack is exactly one such individual.

When I first met Master Thorn and heard about his “Wolf Pack Dynamic D/s” I was intrigued. The more he explained to me the more I found myself amazed at his intricate and well-constructed system and his style, right alongside a simultaneous acknowledgment that it was truly different from almost any of style of D/s that I had ever heard about. Again and again I found myself reflecting that while key principles of Honor, Ethics, SSC / RACK, and basic D/s Structure, etc, were the same as The Crow Academy, beyond that The Sanguine Pack Wolf Dynamic D/s was a system completely alien to me yet at the same time incredibly beautiful. It was full of protocols and ideas that while being in stark contrast to The Crow Academy Style of D/s, I could nonetheless easily admire within the incredibly well-crafted design of the Sanguine System. The contrast of our two D/s Styles was so intense that very few of the overt and uniquely Sanguine protocols could be adopted by The Crow Academy, and yet that did not matter to me in the least as the Sanguine System stood solid in it’s own perfection.

I often talk about how any Fine Dominant will eventually want to develop their own, personal, evolved Style of D/s. The Sanguine System is a superb example, being completely different than The Crow Academy and yet masterfully created. In talking with Master Thorn I felt like one artist talking with another, like a sculptor talking art with a painter, or like a writer talking art with a violinist, both discussing the passion of their art, the feeling of creative expression, and so much more. Thorn’s system focuses very intensely on personifying the Wolf Pack Hierarchy into a structure for adherents of the Sanguine ideals at large, even extending to chapters in numerous other countries around the world. As Thorn puts it, “One of our goals is to show that a Global Poly-Branched Primal Leather Family can be built on good core ethics, and still provide deep immersion. We also focus on building someone into their power, providing them with a far stronger leather family overall.”

Within the Sanguine ideals one also finds a clear emphasis on “Primal Play” or getting to know one’s “Animal Self,” and that is not always a Wolf, or even an animal for that matter. The Sanguine Pack, while certainly using wolves as their totem, is open to anyone who wishes to bring a sense of their own personal animal / primal totem – whatever that may be for you – into the Sanguine Dynamic provided the core principles of “Honor / Love / Defend / SSC” are adhered to by all Pack Members.

Whether Wolf Pack Style is your cup of tea or not, exploring the Sanguine Website will further open your eyes to one of the most basic ideals that we teach here at The Crow Academy:
There is no “one single way” to go about your D/s. The Crow Academy is one carefully crafted D/s Style; the Sanguine Pack is another carefully crafted D/s Style. Both completely different from each other; Both equally respectable. To understand a variety of D/s Styles is to understand the vastness of the D/s Universe and find your own place within it.

Consider checking out this elegantly alternative D/s Style which we here at The Crow Academy truly applaud….

Fetish Dreams To You All,
— Arcane & The Crow Academy Team