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MYTH of Breaking a Slave vs. Beauty of Focusing on The Best

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As usual, I want to start by welcoming all the new subscribers to The Crow Academy Newsletter.

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  • New Arcane Advice Lesson: The Myth of “Breaking” a Slave vs Focusing On The Best
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First the very, very BEST News:

As I sit here writing this newsletter, I am staring at a cardboard box with the very first “Wet Proof” Hardback copies of The Crow Academy’s first book:

IGNITING THE FIRE: The Art Of Romantic Submission

It is merely a matter of my approving the look to make sure that we are giving you an AMAZING Product before you will be able to own (yes indeed)….

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All Crow Academy websites now Work On Smartphones & Tablets! 😀

We are very happy to announce that ALL Crow Academy websites including and are all now 100% Smart Phone Responsive!

This means when you go to use one of our websites on your Smart Phone or Tablet it will give you a special version so it still looks GREAT while giving you dramatically improved functionality to enjoy these websites on your phone or tablet.

We are also happy to welcome some new crew members to our team who are hard at work getting The Crow Academy shopping cart in place, which will give access to a wide variety of:

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In addition, our crew will be creating a Private Forum area strictly for Members on where you can safely discuss all manner of BDSM and D/s topics. Not only that but we also plan to host a Monthly Webinar (web based seminar) where I will personally field questions from listeners in a live discussion format!

So many cool things in store! 😀


The Crow Academy FAQ:
We want to know WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?

As we have seen over the years, it seems a lot of people have some serious questions about The Crow Academy. To satiate the wonderful quest for knowledge that so many of you have, we have decided to create a permanent FAQ on The Crow Academy website.

Naturally we have a list of ideas of common questions, but we want to put it out to our subscribers as well…..

What Would YOU Like To Know about The Crow Academy?

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“Focusing on The Best” vs The Fallacy of “Breaking” a Slave


A very sincere submissive wrote to me recently about reconnecting with a former Dom with whom there had been a problematic parting of ways in the past. Amongst the issues that had come up previously were areas connected to the submissive’s PTSD and Face Slapping (a common kinky practice and turn-on for many). Trust had apparently been broken, always a big issue. Nonetheless she began to talk with him again, and while he seemed like he had grown and matured himself, he was also describing wanting to venture back into territory that made her nervous about reconnecting with him.

In my answer that follows I point out a few KEY FACTORS that a maturing Dom MUST be aware of, especially in the realm of PTSD or other psychological issues on the part of the submissive. I also take a few minutes to tear down what I consider to be an unhealthy attitude from new Doms who still like to describe Training as “breaking” a slave, an attitude that I consider to be inherently destructive. Instead I offer the alternative perspective of what it means to “Nurture” a slave with a win-win attitude for all involved….

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We always invite you to forward this Newsletter to that “special someone” who you have been wanting to talk to about BDSM and D/s.

Deviantly Delicious Dreams to you All,

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