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  • New Arcane Advice Article: Not Everyone is a Dom
  • The LIMITLESS MAN CONFERENCE: a chance to take several days of Crow Academy classes!
  • KinkWeekly Interview with Master Arcane

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First some simple happy News….

The Crow Academy Website has had a Major Overhaul! Navigation is now easier than ever, and best of all the entirety of the site has been updated to function on any Smartphone or Tablet. We have also added a few pages, such as the Couples Training (Click for More Info) page, and coming soon…. The Crow Academy Store.

Next on the Agenda: The same overhaul for to be completed any day now!


New Article:  Not Everyone is a Dom

Please note: This is PART 2 of the series, “Can a Dom be Made, or Only Born as One?”

You can read Part 1, “Evolving Into Excellence” here:
Click HERE to read “Evolving Into Excellence”



I was recently involved in a conversation further discussing whether a Dom can be “made,” or whether they are they born into it. As you read in “Can a Dom be Made – Part 1” my perspective has evolved over the years into an understanding that YES, under the right circumstances a Dom CAN be made. However, in the recent conversation someone suggested a very “politically correct” standpoint wherein they stated that, “anyone is a Dom if they call themselves a Dom.” Are you laughing yet?

You should have seen the hackles stand up on the back of my neck, because if you’ve learned anything from me thus far then you know that their statement is grossly and abundantly WRONG. The statement caused me to reflect deeply on the fact that there are absolutely circumstance where someone will definitely NOT become anything worthy of being called a Dom. If you know my writings, then you know I generally prefer to teach positively about what people can achieve. However, after this conversation I thought my readers would benefit by being able to understand a few Red Flags in this matter of anyone suddenly self-proclaiming they are a “Dom.”

To this end, I decided to further clarify exactly why some people will NEVER make a good Dom. The spectrum presented between Part 1 and Part 2 should help you see what makes the scales tip FOR or AGAINST the success of anyone being or becoming a Fine Dom. I feel these extremes must be acknowledged so as to avoid allowing some miscreant to present themselves as a “pseudo-dom,” as well as making it clearer which qualities can be welcomed in genuinely well-meaning newcomers who could blossom into excellent Doms.

I begin by addressing the myth that “a Dom cannot love his slave” which has once again reared its ugly head, and of which I dedicate a whole section in my book “IGNITING THE FIRE” to destroying this idiotic myth, because Yes Indeed a Dom ABSOLUTELY CAN love their slave, and in fact in most cases this is highly desirable and even foundational.


First and foremost, about 15-20 years ago I heard this idea that a “Dom should not love his slave; that it will interfere with his ability to be a Dom,” and I have to tell you that is a gigantic load of nonsense. In fact I think it is one of the foremost damaging myths within the greater world of Domination & Submission, and I am happy to dispel that myth. I have only ever seen harm done by this myth, and here is why I happily dispel it (in fact I dedicate a whole section to tearing this exact, particular myth apart in my book)….

Continue reading Part 2 on the Arcane Advice website by clicking the link below to take you directly to the full article:

Click HERE to read the Full Lesson “Not Everyone Is A Dom”


The LIMITLESS MAN CONFERENCE in Las Vegas NV this coming Memorial Day Weekend – Classes with Master Arcane and 35 other Expert Instructors!!!

It has been my pleasure over the years to speak and teach at various conferences and gatherings. Many of these are expressly BDSM oriented, though not all. Once in a while a seemingly “vanilla” event will want a speaker there to teach their audiences about the most beautiful side of BDSM, or about what makes for a fulfilling relationship within Domination & Submission.

The Limitless Man Conference is exactly one such event, a mostly “vanilla” gathering aimed specifically at Men who genuinely want to improve themselves. At first I thought I was being asked to teach BDSM and D/s to a group of men just wanting to spice up their sex life. But the more I learned about Limitless Man the more I realized (as you will read below in their press release) that these will be men who Genuinely Want To Be Better Men, to have Better Relationships, and become the Best Possible Partners they can be for their women. I found these goals to comprise a decidedly noble attitude, and as such agreed to conduct a variety of classes at Limitless Man for the attendees who want to learn the Art of BDSM and D/s, above all because of the opportunity to help create more Excellent Male Doms and Male Tops in the world.

Perhaps as little as 5 years ago the subject of BDSM and D/s would have been too “fringe” or too risqué for such a crowd. Not so anymore. We live in the “Post 50 Shades Era” where, as I mentioned in a previous Crow Academy Newsletter, about 1 out of every 37 literate adults over 18 On Earth has at least obtained a copy of that awful-yet-nonetheless-conversation-starting book. While we all agree the book is garbage and the endless butt of jokes, nonetheless the Conversation Has Begun…. openly, and in everyday life. More and more people are now asking about BDSM and D/s, and how they can safely, sanely and lovingly add it to their personal life.

It is therefore going to be my honor to speak at the Limitless Man Conference. I will teach the men who are interested how to become Excellent Doms, how to embrace the Responsibility for their partner’s Well-Being, how to understand BDSM as an Art Form, and how to find their own meaning and self-worth in developing serious skills and proficiency in the BDSM Arts. One of my quintessential and ultimate goals here at The Crow Academy is to help create more Excellent Doms in the world, and I see the Limitless Man attendees who take my classes as candidates to become exactly this.

A happy bonus for Crow Academy Newsletter Readers:

In exchange for my teaching classes at LIMITLESS MAN, the producers of the conference have graciously allowed me to extend ONLY to you, my Crow Academy Newsletter Readers, a $75 discount off the conference price. I invite you to look over the LIMITLESS MAN website (URL below) and see if you feel this Men’s Conference is for you. If so then come back to THIS NEWSLETTER and use the link below where, during checkout, you will enter the Discount Code.

PLEASE NOTE: the $75 Discount Code ONLY works with the link below. If you buy your tickets on the LIMITLESS MAN website WITHOUT using this exact link below then you will NOT be able to get the $75 Discount, as it’s only for Crow Academy Newsletter Readers.

DISCOUNT CODE: “ArcaneInnerCircle”

If you do attend, it will be my pleasure to see you there. Consider this a personal invitation to come introduce yourself when you see me at LIMITLESS MAN. 🙂

The official LIMITLESS MAN Press Release and Website Address follows…..

(from the official press release)


What Is the ‘Limitless Man Summit 2016’ Las Vegas?
This is a MEN’S Conference.

We Promote Three Core Values:
Love Life, Love Yourself, Love Your Partner

— Men who become highly skilled at the practices and art form of becoming fantastic partners with their women lead better lives.

— Women who then interact with these highly competent men are happier and far more satisfied with their lives.

— A world filled with happy, competent, satisfied, couples….. is a far, far better world indeed.

The Limitless Man Summit is a six day event held annually in Las Vegas around the Memorial Day weekend in May 2016. The Limitless team has a wealth of secrets, philosophies, techniques and real world applications that will show you and other exceptional men how they really can have it all. Meet the most powerfully exceptional men and women who will bring you the life, love, and intimate secrets you want right now. We are dedicated to bringing you the most exceptional group of extraordinary instructors who have one objective in mind: to facilitate the self actualization of men like you. Thirty five nationally acclaimed experts will speak on stage. They will teach, mentor and show you how to become the superb man for your partner using your own style and animal instincts, leading better conversations, manning-up, appreciating masculine health, building more fulfilling relationships, improving your male presence, and ultimately impress your amazing partner in your new found courageous world.

At its center Limitless Man Summit is three days of “Main Session Talks” (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) followed by three days of “In Field Experience.” Enjoy exploring the Vegas “Day” and “Night” clubs on your own or with the instructors of Limitless and your new found best friends. During your main days of lectures at Limitless in addition to the approximately 35 featured speakers we will also have some additional amazing experiences in store for you! Then rock your world with hands-on training through smaller, individualized seminars and panels that are specifically designed to target your individual strengths for maximum success.

Only at the Limitless Man Summit.


Arcane Interview with KinkWeekly

Recently, my delightful slave Daphne and I were interviewed for the intriguing new website,

As ‘anniebear’ states in the opening of the interview:

“I sat down with Arcane and his slave Daphne on a sunny afternoon in Hollywood. As an educator and founder of the Crow Academy, Arcane has experience coaching couples on D/s relationships and BDSM techniques. We talked about all things kinky, his new book, and kink around the globe.”

Thought I would share the interview with y’all. 😉

The link below will take you directly to the Interview:
Click HERE to read the Kink Weekly interview with Master Arcane and slave Daphne


p.s. Sure, go ahead and tell that “special someone” who you have been wanting to talk to about D/s about The Crow Academy. We have much to share with anyone who wants to learn.

Dominant Dreams and superb submission to you all,
— Master Arcane and The Crow Academy