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Required Reading For My Slave and Why

Greetings Dedicated Dominants & Sublime Submissives.

Over on the website I just posted a new article which describes six books that are required reading for any new slave of mine. Below you will find the opening paragraphs and a link to the main article itself over at Take a look….

For those of you who are unfamiliar with, it’s my purely educational website – 100% FREE – where I post lessons dealing with the complexities of building a strong and healthy Dominant-Submissive (aka D/s) Relationship. With dozens of articles covering elements from the very start of looking for the right person with whom to create such a relationship, all the way through to dealing with deep emotional and physical parameters, odds are VERY likely that you will find useful information to assist you and your partner (or future partner) in the creation of a Beautiful and Healthy D/s Journey together.


(from the article…)
Required Reading For My Slave, and Why

Oftentimes a Master must consider what is the next course of study for his slave. A Fine Master will seek to design a personalized educational curriculum such that his slave will feel uplifted by his instructions. She should feel guided by his hand, and have a clearly perceivable pathway to improve herself in some way that will both please The Master as well as improve her own life.

To this end, a Fine Master will have at his disposal a wide variety of possibilities, from the world of the physical like exercise, to the world of the spiritual like meditation or gardening, to the world of the practical like becoming a better driver or learning a vocational skill, to the world of the intellectual like puzzle solving, learning a language, or reading a certain book.

The virtue of commanding the slave to read a particularly uplifting or insightful book is that The Master is honoring his personal commitment that his slave should become a little more evolved than they were the day before. He is owning up to the obvious reality that in certain key areas there are those who have gone before who can communicate particular ideas better than he can. This is not any sort of admission of defeat nor loss of face on his part. Quite the opposite! It is a Wonderful Tool The Master can use at any time to accelerate the slave along a pathway that he sees as appropriate for the slave’s improvement, while adding depth to their connection and shared meaning to the D/s Relationship itself.

Thus have I drawn from both books that accelerated my personal evolution as well as from the trial and error observation of which books have added the greatest value to the life of my past slaves and the shared joy of the D/s Relationship itself. From these experiences I created a list of what I consider to be “essential” books for any slave who is to be trained by me. In most cases I will have the slave read all of these within her first year training at The Crow Academy.

Needless to say this is certainly not the “be all and end all” on the subject, as the choice of books will be highly idiosyncratic to the style of the Master. My own list may change or grow. What matters most is that key concepts that are to be part of my slave’s training can be grasped from a given book, and grasped easily. The list below represents what I currently consider to be the most important general aspects of life wherein these books provide wonderful insight and inspiration for my slave to create a firm base to stand upon as she and I grow together as not only Master & slave, but as a Team.

In each case below I list the title and author, and then describe exactly why I chose that book.


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Fetish Dreams to you all,
— Master Arcane & The Crow Academy